Taking Charge

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Guilty as Charged

I had woken early and decided to grab a coffee and a pastry from a nearby cafe for breakfast. I returned to the bus, to a find a pickup truck pulled up beside it and the battery box open. His hood was popped and it appeared as though he was trying to jump start his truck off my batteries. I didn’t realise it in the moment, but I just interrupted a thief.

“Perdon,” I shouted as I approached the bus. “Todo bien?”

“No problema,” he replied, quickly closing the hood of his truck. He started to push it down the street, before he cranked it. The engine sprang into life, and the stranger jumped in and drove away.

As I reached the bus, I peered into the battery box. The terminals were disconnected and the locking bar had been unbolted. The man was seconds away from stealing my battery.

bus battery disconnected by thief
A thief successfully disconnects the bus battery and attempts to steal it

The timing of my return was fortuitous. I had interrupted the thief and prevented a crime that would have no doubt left me stranded in La Paz for another week.

After I reassembled the battery wires and upgraded the padlock on my battery box, I decided to find another parking spot. I wasn’t going to make it easy for thief to try again.

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