Taking Charge

I had woken early and decided to grab a coffee and a pastry from a nearby cafe for breakfast. I returned to the bus, to a find a pickup truck pulled up beside it and the battery box open. His hood was popped and it appeared as though he was trying to jump start his […]

Over My Head

With winter fast approaching, I decided to take advantage of the favourable weather and attempt to repaint the roof of the bus. I popped open the emergency exit hatch and climbed up on top to survey the task ahead. Shining right back at me – more reflective tape. I thought I had removed the last […]

Time to Reflect

Anyone who has converted a school bus will be familiar with the reflective tape used to cover every square inch of the exterior surface. Bonded to the bus like chewing gum in hair, it takes a lot of patience to remove it. When you think you’ve scraped off your last piece, another strip appears from […]

Flooring It

The conversion of the bus hit a milestone this week, with the completion of demolition work. The application of floor treatment and paint marked the first steps taken in the bus rebuild. After three weeks of work, I finally had all the seats removed, as well as the wall and ceiling panels. The air conditioning […]

Off the Rails

The first order of business in any bus conversion is to remove the seats. I had read many horror stories from other bus conversions, detailing the difficulty getting underneath the bus to remove the bolts. Having chosen a bus with seating rails, instead of floor bolts, I was quietly confident. My confidence was quickly reinforced. […]

Positives and Negatives

I travelled back to the United States over the Easter long weekend. This would be the first time I had seen the bus since purchasing it and placing it in storage back in February. I had four days to get the bus serviced, collect my permits and drive it 1300 miles to northern Washington State. […]

Making Lemonade

I had no plans to title bus that day. My research had told me, I had fifteen days to drive the bus out of Nevada, from the moment I registered it. But after I had bought the bus, and had the documents in hand, my gut knew I needed to title it immediately. I could […]

I Bought A Bus

Back in October 2017 I was surfing the internet when I stumbled across a used American school bus for sale. The bus was an absolute bargain, and I was tempted to buy it. I had just returned from a holiday in Iceland. Four friends and I had hired a campervan and driven the ring road. […]